Migrate from other providers like OneSignal

Perfecty Push can automatically migrate your subscribers from your old provider without doing any data export/import. You can also do a manual migration of your old provider's VAPID keys and subscribers.

Automatic migration

This will progressively migrate your existing Push subscribers when they visit your website. You don't need any export/import operation and can take immediate advantage of the plugin.

It also means that the users that have not visited your website will not be migrated and will stay with your old provider unless they visit your website.


1. Deactivate your old provider

You do this by deactivating your old Push provider plugin in WordPress > Plugins.

2. Activate Remove conflicting workers in Perfecty Push

NOTE: Be careful in this step if you have an AMP/PWA website. Read more.

Go to Perfecty Push > Settings > Javascript SDK and activate the Remove conflicting workers (Push Services only) option.

This will remove automatically your old provider Service Worker, read how it works.

3. All set!

You're done, your subscribers will be migrated when they visit your website!

Manual migration

This method requires that you copy your provider's VAPID keys and export its push subscribers information to later import it into the Perfecty Push database.

The VAPID keys are the keys used by a Push Server to identify themselves to send notifications to the users that have been registered.

NOTE: We recommend you that you test this with a small batch of users to verify it works before doing the complete migration


1. Deactivate your old provider

You do this by deactivating your old Push provider plugin in WordPress > Plugins.

2. Copy your provider VAPID Keys

You need to request the VAPID keys from your provider.

Once you get them, go to Perfecty Push > Settings > Self-hosted Server and paste the keys in the VAPID Private Key and VAPID Public Key fields.

3. Export your subscribers information

This step depends on your provider. As an example, from OneSignal you will get a CSV with the columns id, identifier, web_auth, web_p256, example: https://documentation.onesignal.com/reference/csv-export.

4. Import your subscribers into Perfecty Push

This step requires a DB import tool compatible with MySQL that populates the plugin user's table with the data you've exported.

The table name for the subscribers has a name like *_perfecty_push_users.

The fields to populate in the table are:

  • uuid is a user UUID v4
  • endpoint is your user's Push API endpoint
  • key_auth is the private VAPID key
  • key_p256dh is the public VAPID key

4. Send your notification

You're now ready to send notifications!

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